About NukaCoin


Asset Exchange – Issue a token, for any reason, such as crowdfunding, company shares, etc. (also can be used for NFT’s)

Voting System – Vote on public issues, take public feedback, gather open-source opinions.

Data Cloud – Store small files on the cloud. Store important parts of history, historic photos, tweets, etc.

Marketplace – Buy and sell both tangible and non-tangible items through our marketplace function!

Monetary System – Similar to tokens, currencies can be more refined and restricted, making it more similar to currency.

Coin Shuffling – A Privacy feature that allows users to mix NUK, assets, or currencies quickly and efficiently with other users’ funds by creating random mapping between the existing user accounts and new recipient accounts provided by the users.

Messaging – Options to add messages to transactions, and options to create standalone messages.

Aliases – Map aliases to your public address, making it easier for users to find and send coin to your account.

Conditional Transactions – Add restrictions to transactions, and create trigger criteria before executing.

Multi-Signature Accounts – Accounts on NUK can be configured to have all their transactions require approval by other accounts, defined in a whitelist, thus making them multi-signature accounts.

Account Properties – The Account Properties feature allows accounts to be tagged with arbitrary name/value metadata. Users can add such metadata to their own accounts, or to other accounts. 

Balance Leasing – The NUK proof-of-stake protocol requires those who want to generate blocks to keep “forging” with their accounts, the account passphrase being available in the server memory to sign the new blocks. To eliminate this passphrase exposure risk for a high value account, the balance leasing feature can be used to lease its forging power to another account instead.

Funding Monitors – Funding Monitor is a server side component which automatically transfers NUK, asset or currency from a funding account to one or more recipient accounts when the amount held by the recipient account drops below a set threshold. 

Plugins and Addons – The NUK blockchain software is designed to be extensible. On the client side, plugins implemented in javascript can be used to enhance the wallet functionality and improve the user experience. On the server side, add-ons written in java can be deployed to achieve integration with off-blockchain systems, or to implement custom back-end functionality.

We are driven by you

We love the product we’ve built, but our cryptocurrency is driven by our community. And that’s you. So if you don’t like something, tell us. We are great listeners!

Super Efficient

Our team operates in a lean & agile way, and our view on performance is the same. Our software uses very little cpu/disk/network. It is written in java, so it eats up ram, but we are working on that!

Deeply Committed

NukaCoin isn’t going anywhere. We are committed to bringing this to as many fingertips as we can!

Highly Skilled

We are a team of experienced developers, product managers, and devops engineers, working to bring you the next big thing!